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For all of its tiny budget and narrow scope, I don't think I've ever seen a film that feels like it has captured the medieval period as well as this. “You may think it is rustic simplicity,but… I am displeased by your words!”. Hauntingly beautiful, morose little portrait of a tragic aside in Medieval Europe. Every man is in love with her, including the King and his servant Bartolomeo, visiting the Master. In 19th century London, a sex maniac sneaks into the engagement party of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Miss Fanny Osbourne, turning the event into a nightmarish whirlpool of murder and debauchery. Only one ... See full summary », Sigismond (Joe Dallesandro) is a man lost in an erotic haze which clouds his judgment. Blanche is the young, pure, beautiful wife of the Master of the castle, in a secluded land. O que me desagrada no estilo de Blanche é sua frontalidade através de uma redução da profundidade para um ou no máximo dois planos, não muito distantes um do outro. Full Moons. Early in the film, it is evident that the man has a physically passionate relationship with his wife, ... See full summary ». Finally getting a Blu-Ray player and watching all of Arrow’s Seijun Suzuki box sets, (all also reviewed) I got set to finally meet Blanche. The problem is the light of day here is obscured by endless grey clouds. I am especially looking…, Graham Williamson 277 films 597 177 Edit. © Letterboxd Limited. I'd love to see as many familiar faces as I can. As much as I adore historical tableau films, painting such a diluted view of women isn´t something lightly swept under the carpet however beautiful the carpet may be. Blanche is the young, pure, beautiful wife of the Master of the castle, in a secluded land. Or was it out of pleasure? An erotic collection of short stories, an anthology comprised of tantalizing tales about sexual desire and its diverse manifestations. See this medieval fantasy as a precursor of all those artless attempts to evoke times of mythic romance and violence that fail to pleasure the senses as this does. Mobile site. Written by Please come by tomorrow's 7pm screening if you can. She is desired, as an object, by the men around her - but has only the men around her to offer safety or salvation. Lumiere. Known for it's 16th century painting-like appearance, it's period instrument score, and one of Michel Simon's last film appearances, I found it quite appealing. Blanche ist ein Melodram aus dem Jahr 1971 von Walerian Borowczyk mit Michel Simon, Georges Wilson und Jacques Perrin. I appreciate that some get something out of this and that is precisely why Arrow's work must be commended but I can say with a clear conscience that I will no longer pursuing the films of Walerian Borowczyk. The rest was full of gorgeous painterly shots but there was a hell of a lot of non consensual pursuing and harassment of a pretty unsympathetic woman. Though now more infamous as a purveyor of perverted worlds and eventually soft-core titillation (Emmanuelle 5 in 1987 being a … ), it does little to challenge chauvinistic attitudes. Isto junto com uma certa simplicidade simétrica na organização do plano, soa para mim o tempo todo como certa pobreza de composição. The story, based on the 19th century poem Mazepa by Polish writer Juliusz Slowacki, is a fairly standard fair of male lust and female (religiously enforced) innocence. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Everything from the clothes, to locations, to the at times…, Even here, though, you can tell that he had a certain sillier side, which I think actually works mostly for the better, preventing it from lapsing wholly into austere ponderousness. -Film critics and historians' indecision regarding how to categorize Borowczyk's films is compounded by Borowczyk's eccentric personality. If only it ended after the first 15 minutes which were actually banging. On Jan 25, 2020, tired of negative film lists on Twitter, I asked people for "obscure [or] underseen films you…. Claustrophilia: Films Set Mainly in One Location. Michel Simon is an aged lord who keeps his young wife virtually imprisoned in his castle, but when he invites The King over for a medieval shindig, the wife becomes the object of attention for both The King and his young page. With Michel Simon, Georges Wilson, Jacques Perrin, Ligia Branice. Regarder Blanche (1971) - Toutes les infos sur le film complet Blanche en français, streaming gratuit, sous-titres et audio d'origine. The world Borowczyk creates is one of seemingly incompatible dualities: stark, austere realism with a fairy tale lightness of touch; drab, earthen tones pinpointed with brilliant colour; softness and innocence with political chicanery and sly deceit. Blanche is an example of Continental 70's film making at its most colourful, adventurous and luschious. Even if it could (or wants) to be interpreted as a comment on how female sexuality was perceived in the 13th Century (ie: women who exercise any form of sexuality are evil and witches!!! But also at this stage nothing feels inevitable. In this remarkable film, Borowczyk, through his commitment to ambiguity (notably in his framing, which forever denies the foreground/background opposition) and Hugo, a vain clothing buyer, meets Myriam on a train and pursues a relationship with her. Bracingly simple and austere of form, Blanche is a superbly controlled exercise in visual literacy: a farce of forcefully absolutist consequences. And Blanche is a film that exposes that fully. I'm nervous, but am copying my talking points below. Borowcyck is perhaps best first approached through his early short-form work (see Renaissance, Gavotte or Rosalie for particularly apt antecedents to Blanche) rather than the later full length work. This tale was inspired by a true bet and features a cast of real-life West Texans making their acting debuts in Blanche. The story of a sexually enticing young dancer who rises up in society through her relationships with wealthy men, but later falls into poverty and prostitution, culminating in an encounter with Jack 'the Ripper'. A simpleton thief on Goto, an isolated island ruled by a barbaric dictator, climbs ranks from criminal to fly-catcher, dog-keeper and boot polisher, while himself and other islanders get ... See full summary ». Pastel Organza. Maybe - there is a constant theme of voyeurism and the perversion of authority that's detectable even in a PG-certificate film like this. An aged, very likely lecherous count (Michel Simon in one of his final screen roles) comes to suspect his second wife -- decades his junior -- of infidelity. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Blanche

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