canned blueberry pie filling muffins

These look delicious – thanks for sharing… . Bravo! I don’t think I have ever tried pie muffins but they look and sound divine! Crumble muffins are one of my favorite breakfast foods, and contributed substantially to my freshman 15(ish) in college. A crispy pie crust topped with sweet blueberry pie filling layered with a tender, fluffy and flavorful blueberry muffin. Seriously, the best part! That entire concept had never even once registered in my brain. Paleo Blueberry Muffins – Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffins Health Extremist eggs, milk, coconut flour, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, sea salt and 5 more Janice Amee's Gluten-Free Buttermilk Blueberry Muffins petenleepetenlee Love the pie filling inside the blueberry muffin. I dont understand the crumbly topping. Maybe double crumble. These are gorgeous muffins Ashton! I agree that the crumb topping is a must. These Blueberry Pie Muffins have it all. I guess my only issue would be to make sure I make enough of these muffins because they surely won’t last long! These muffins look amazing, Ashton…I am a fool for muffins! I love the pie crust sprinkled on top! This is such a great idea! I know how frustrating it is when the pie crust is soggy and I am so sorry about that. Hence you can use any filling you wish like cherry, raspberry, peach even poppyseeds. It is by far my favorite dessert. My kids will love this muffins and the pie filling makes it more decadent. Here you'll find my recipes for making blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry cupcakes and blueberry tartlets. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pour 1 quart of blueberry pie filling into the crust and cover the filling with a second pie crust. . Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. And I always add the crumble, it’s the best part! I Love Blueberries & this recipe looks like a winner one. I love a classic blueberry muffin! Unlike some fruit crisp recipes that call for a small amount of crunchy topping, this recipe using canned pie filling bumps up the crisp, making sure each bite is filled with sweet blueberries and browned crisp topping.. Thanks for linking up to mine . I will be making these again. Crumble some pie crust and sprinkle on top. These look delicious! Place half baked pie crust in the muffin liner. Add 1 TBS of blueberries pie filling and make sure is it evenly distributed. blueberry muffin with sour cream, blueberry pie, easy blueberry muffins, muffins, Pie Crust circles half baked. Here are some more muffins recipes you might enjoy: Don’t forget to tag @OneSarcasticBaker on Instagram if you bake this recipe. , Gorgeous muffins! This is my very favorite muffin recipe! I love how you combined two of my favorite desserts into one here. Love the crumble topping!! Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Anyway. And to miss breakfast??? It definitely contributed to my freshman fifteen. I have blueberry issues too! However, if you have any concerns just bake it all the way. I don’t understand that….or people who would skip the crumble on a muffin! … The filling can be refrigerated in a tight container for up to a week. Gently fold in the blueberries using a large rubber spatula. Fill the muffin liners 3/4 full. Even so they came out perfect. It may look lumpy and it is ok. In a large bowl, beat the milk, oil, and egg until well mixed. I adore blueberry muffins! How I miss you!). I went ahead and added some notes about just that and I am always here to answer more questions! Author, photographer, and dessert enthusiast. Then I’d get to school and hear all my friends talk about how starved they were by lunch, because no one had eaten breakfast. I just couldn’t even fathom it. In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Blueberry Pie filling makes things so much easier. Learn how your comment data is processed. The pie crust texture is so good, I bet it pairs nicely with the moist blueberry muffin. Design by Purr. How amazing is this! Pinning for later! ???? AMAZING!!! Made these muffins. When that happens every dough scrap counts. I always eat that part first , Mmmm! And I want to know who wouldn’t add the crumble topping?! My mouth waters as I read this recipe. When i smooshed it together with my hands, it turned into a soft dough; nothing close to “crumbly” mixture. I usually use salted, but you can use either in this recipe. I love the crumble on top. My favorite thing to make is Muffins! Baking muffins is simple, fast and requires basic steps: The reason the recipe calls for half baked pie crust, it is the best way for both the crust and the muffin to have a tender, soft bite. Or after a test. Thank you Kelly! They turned out great. Your email address will not be published. I think I could eat the filling with a spoon! I was thinking just that…lol. Please make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature. To do that, skip the pie crust and pie filling and in addition increase the fresh blueberries to 2 cups. I love muffins and these look simply irresistible. But I think I usually nodded along and pretended to be in total agreement. These muffins look bangin’! Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a tootch pick comes our dry from the center of the muffin. This recipe’s a keeper for sure. Step 5 Cut 1/2” strips of dough and lay down in an overlapping pattern to make lattice tops. Place the sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon and blueberries in a medium pan. (almost there!). The side crust should come to just below the top of the muffin cup. This recipe calls for blueberries, but you can really use 1 cup of anything you like to eat in your muffins! (Oh, BYU Creamery. However, it was love at first bite and since then I have been perfecting my homemade pie craft. I made with regular sized ‘cupcake’ tin and had too much batter. Add the water and stir to combine. The taste was perfect. These muffins sound amazing!! Ashton, I didn’t know you were a Cougar! The best and most important meal of the whole day?! Place the flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar and lemon zest in a bowl. I used scraps from a homemade blueberry pie crust I made a few days earlier. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Prepare a muffin tin by lining the cups with paper muffin/cupcake cups and/or lightly spraying with a non-stick cooking spray (I do both). Cook on medium-high until starting to boil. Different pie crust brands and recipes require different temperature and/or time to fully bake. the idea of skipping breakfast is totally nuts! The crumble does look truly amazing on these muffins! Do not over mix the batter, mix just to combine the ingredients. Can’t skip the crumble topping on muffins! Bake for 20-25 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean. There is a certain Leonardo De Caprio “King Of The World” moment when achieving the perfect flaky and tender pie crust.

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