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It sure as heck doesn't represent my feelings and I can't believe a company I am supposed to represent would do something like this. “It was a shock,” said pitcher Cat Osterman, 37, an Olympic gold medalist. By midnight, several players said they would quit on the spot since GM Connie May's comments blindsided them. I’m heartbroken. Keep that same energy. ", Seriously fuming right now @ScrapYardFP you are better than this!, I am so hurt but Hate and Ignorance will never win. Keep that same energy. For a few hours this week, softball had a shot at something it has pursued for decades: the spotlight. The Pride, who were tagged in May's tweet, responded Tuesday morning: "Last night, the USSSA Pride was tagged in a tweet which suggested our pro softball team made an anti-kneeling political statement at a recent game during the national anthem. More importantly, the tweet’s subtext is harmful and counterproductive to the current racial justice movement — a movement that the USSSA Pride fully supports and stands behind. The tweet apparently was sent during the anthem before the game between the Dawgs and USSSA Pride at the Viera Space Coast Sports Complex. Because the tweet has since been deleted... and the tweet author herself just texted me personally trying to justify her reasoning.. here we go. This is EXACTLY what we’ve been trying to change. Has nothing to do with respecting the flag and ALL to do with respecting ALL Americans in this country regardless of color of skin Watley tweeted Monday night, "Seriously fuming right now @ScrapYardFP you are better than this!, Softball walk out, Publix COVID-19 and Coronavirus in Brevard: NI90, FLORIDA TODAY's Rob Landers brings you some of today's top stories on the News in 90 Seconds for June 23. Haven’t we been going over this for the last 3 weeks? It’s a slap in the face to the strong black women in our game and to the progress we have made in our sport. @ScrapYardFP I will never be associated with your organization again. Octavio Jones/Tampa Bay Times, via Associated Press. Connie began coaching when Meagan was 9 years old and still remains active in coaching today. BLACK LIVES MATTER. If this is how a GENERAL MANAGER goes about their business, taking over the team twitter, it should be public. I kneel with all my friends, teammates and any person of color. The beginning of the Facebook live shows the teams lined up, presumably for the National Anthem. The tweet ended with: "All lives do not matter unless black lives matter. “We were used as pawns in a political post, and that’s not OK.”. As an organization that promotes inclusiveness and unity through sport, USA Softball will continue to use softball to bring people together.". Has nothing to do with respecting the flag and ALL to do with respecting ALL Americans in this country regardless of color of skin. The now-deleted tweet, from the Scrap Yard Fast Pitch twitter handle @ScrapYard FP,  showed Dawgs players standing with hands over hearts and read: "Hey @realDonaldTrump Pro Fastpitch being played live @ussssaspacecoast @USSSAPride Everyone respecting the FLAG! The players spent an hour discussing the issue in the locker room, and decided that they could no longer play under the Scrap Yard name. May and Scrap Yard Fast Pitch did not respond to requests for comment. “The more we talked about it, the angrier I got, and I finally just said, ‘I’m done, I’m not going to wear this jersey,’” Osterman said. This .. Monday evening, the Pride honored all the high school seniors from the visiting teams by having them form a ring around the infield. But it doesn't mean the organization believes the same. The return of pro softball Monday night in Viera, Florida, marked the comeback of the first pro sports teams to play a game since the COVID-19 shutdown. We will be better."., Osterman quickly took to Twitter to express her views: "I do not support the comments made during our game by @ScrapYardFP and I will not represent them. Miami native Kylan Becker, the Dawgs' leadoff hitter Monday night, echoed sentiments shared by several of her teammates. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Most Scrap Yard players are white, but Stewart said they still forcefully challenged May’s comments both directly and on social media. Osterman and other players quit a professional team this week after its general manager politicized a picture of them during the national anthem. I’m DISGUSTED. Games could go on as practice-type games, but USSSA officials did not comment Tuesday afternoon. “We have all said we are walking away from Scrap Yard and will not wear Scrap Yard uniforms,” Osterman said in a report Tuesday morning by the Houston Chronicle. Kiki Stokes, right, before a game in 2016. its general manager bragged to President Trump on Twitter. Cat Osterman warming up before a Team USA game in February., The tweet, sent from the team’s official account by Connie May, the team’s general manager, said: “Hey @realDonaldTrump Pro Fastpitch being played live … Everyone standing for the FLAG!”. a phrase that has been criticized as a way to invalidate the specific concerns of black people. Support our work by subscribing to FLORIDA TODAY. I’m embarrassed. The players were supported in their decision by the coaching staff. ", Outfielder Haylie McCleney, of Morris, Alabama, who was set to play in the Olympics in Tokyo, condemned the photo on Twitter: "We might be standing in this photo but we SURE AS HELL AREN’T STANDING FOR THIS. USSSA Pride livestreamed the game on Facebook. This is not funny at ALL! They originally had been penciled in to practice at the Jackie Robinson Complex in Vero Beach before the COVID-19 pandemic blossomed. The USSSA Pride defeat a Texas team loaded with Olympians as softball returns from the COVID-19 shutdown. FLORIDA TODAY left a message with Kretschman early Tuesday but she has yet to issue a statement. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Kelly Kretschman, a two-time Olympic medalist who attended school at nearby Satellite High and who arguably is the greatest hitter in the sport's history, has now retired from the USSSA Pride and is a coach this season with the Dawgs.

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