diy wedding reception finger food

Serve with a strong toothpick or in smaller shapes for easy handling. Any longer than that and you’ll need to consider adding another 2-3 light options too. You can also save some money by bringing your own wedding caterer for the reception. You might even be able to mix in one more costly appetizer (like sushi, steak bites, or caviar) in with a bunch of more budget-friendly finger foods. As in you'll wonder why you never thought to replace tomato with watermelon before now. You might pick some popular favorites, you may prefer some of your personal favorites, or you might choose your reception food to match the season. "With just a few ingredients, you can make a very delicious and impressive-looking appetizer or accompaniment to your main dish," aseletzky says. Upgrade this classic with toppings like fresh herbs, sliced olives, bacon strips or hot sauce. This is another great option for buffet tables as long as you keep the sauce warmed. Stuffed with an ample helping of crab, these mushrooms will win the hearts of seafood lovers everywhere. If you have an open bar, you’ll need to create a menu with heavier foods just in case people overdo it. Molly, Credit: Serve them beside a curated cheese board or just place them at various locations around the buffet for easy access. Serve them along with mini cups of almond milk, hot chocolate or even Kahlua shots. Here are 8 of the best easy finger food ideas to serve at your wedding reception. Soup Loving Nicole, Credit: A good rule of thumb from expert wedding planners is to serve at least three different types of appetizers. If you have a large guest list and don’t want to use 100 slow cookers to serve them this appetizer, simply shred some rotisserie chicken. Prep time per roll will only take about 15 minutes according to this recipe! Between bridal showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties, no one should want for festive events during this special window of time. Allrecipes contributor Kim's Cooking Now agrees: "The watermelon adds a nice pop of freshness, and it really does pair well with the mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinegar," she says. Mix in mint, lemon, honey and goat cheese to kick it up a notch. Whether you choose beef, chicken or veggie, single-serve potstickers in a bamboo or plastic stiletto serving spoon with a splash of broth will be a big hit. Yet another option with endless possibilities. "I made this for a bridal shower, and it was a hit," says libs. Add some chicken for extra protein. But before anyone can walk down the aisle, the soon-to-be newlyweds have lots of decisions to make, from colors of dresses to flowers on the table. Filled with a creamy mixture of potato, sour cream, bacon, and chives, a tray of these appetizers will be gone in now time. Cut corn cobs into halves or thirds and stick toothpicks on either side to keep the mess at bay. Allrecipes, Credit: The answer is different for every couple. sanzoe, Credit: There may not be much food on each item but the high cost is due to the time and creativity it will take the chefs to create your finger foods.. This combination of two iconic Asian dishes is the perfect handheld party snack. Budget. Recipe-developer Kelly wanted to harness the flavor of Pad Thai without the addition of all those additional carbs. And they look as stunning as they taste. Here are some classy alcoholic versions. Find the perfect wedding venue for your budget! Both times I could NOT stop myself from sneaking bites it as I made it," she says. Use of Wedding Spot is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. If traditional cheddar feels a little too childish, try something more gourmet like gruyere and cranberry mango chutney or any one of these great recipes. Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. Served on skewers, these jewel-toned watermelon Caprese salads are portable, one-bite wonders. And don’t forget the pickle! Set up a buffet table with all the fixings. Give classic peanuts, snack mixes and pretzels a formal twist by creating homemade versions and lightly roasting them with unique spices (like cayenne, garlic, tamari or rosemary). They're baked, not fried, for a slightly healthier alternative to the traditional egg roll. Some mini sausages wrapped in phyllo dough with homemade honey mustard sauce will win over lots of guests at your wedding. Here’s a slow-roasted recipe and a delicious quick one. But if you’d prefer to DIY or cater them as passed hors d’oeuvres, here are some darling and sophisticated pizzette recipes. Though the wedding cake is certainly the sweet everyone wants, there's no harm in having a few others for guests to enjoy while they wait., Chef John uses peaches in these wee tartlets, which are easily made and even more easily enjoyed. Allrecipes user JuG finds them simply irresistible: "I have made these twice now. Here again, these wedding finger foods look more difficult and sophisticated than they really are. If the reception lasts over five hours, time your courses out so guests are consistently fed throughout. If it’s during the fall or winter, grill heartier vegetables like onions, sweet potatoes and green peppers to create a rainbow display. "Better than potato chip.". Here are some super simple potato salad recipes for every menu and budget that you can make yourself or share with your caterer as a jumping-off point. If you really want to blow their socks off, serve your wedding guests the cheddar crust version of this classic treat. You can add pretty much any cheese you want, including brie, goat or gorgonzola. At the end of the wedding, guests may fight over the bouquet, but before that? CoCosmom, Credit: Add as many fun toppings as like, including shredded coconut, banana slices or strawberry jam. These gluten-free breadsticks are made with real butter and are perfect for snacking. Here are some of Martha Stewart’s favorite quiche recipes that you can make in miniature for your big day. Or turn it into a mini salad and serve it in cups. And the options are endless. Choose one, choose some, or choose ambition and choose them all. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try this strawberry version or add a little cream cheese. No matter how you choose to wedding, there are no wrong answers with these wedding finger foods. Serve dipping sauces in a fountain, like this brilliant wedding did. If your wedding guest list isn’t finalized yet, you might want to consider foregoing those backup lists of people in favor of serving more food to your closest family and friends. If you’re serving a meal, count on spending two-thirds of your food budget on this first. Bruschetta requires just a few good ingredients — but a few good ingredients can transform ordinary into extraordinary. Make them even more Pinterest worthy by creating an ombre display. MSELS agrees: "They are now the most requested appetizer I make for parties," she says. Combine traditional cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew for a refreshing treat. Though theses chips are a bit unusual and certainly not classic wedding food, all of your guests will rejoice at these compelling Brussels sprouts chips, which are crunchy and unstoppably delicious.

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