evolution of world religions

[10] During human evolution, the hominid brain tripled in size, peaking 500,000 years ago. De Waal contends that all social animals have had to restrain or alter their behavior for group living to be worthwhile. S ince the beginning of time, mankind has formed beliefs of the unexplainable and unknowable. As the ape line evolved from our last common ancestor in more open environments, it was necessary to pressure apes, who prefer to go it alone, to form more lasting social structures. In contrast, the average human group is about 150, known as Dunbar’s Number. thunder, lightning, movement of planets, complexity of life. This makes moving from primate behaviour to human moral norms less of a leap than commonly thought.”. Although morality awareness may be a unique human trait, many social animals, such as primates, dolphins and whales, have been known to exhibit pre-moral sentiments. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, LLC. ), Altering consciousness: Multidisciplinary perspectives (Vol. Or perhaps religious beliefs are the result of psychological mechanisms that evolved to solve ecological problems unrelated to religion. After receiving the first piece of cucumber, the capuchin monkey gave the experimenter a rock as expected. Evolution is a Religion Two influential biologists believe that evolution is a religion—a religion of atheism where there are no end products and where evolution reigns supreme. Most important of all, says Bellah, play is a practice in itself, and “not something with an external end”. If you disturb it, the animal’s going to repair that right away because they have a norm for how it should look and function. It began, writes de Waal, “with the synchronisation of bodies, running when others run, laughing when others laugh, crying when others cry, or yawning when others yawn”. However, there is disagreement on the exact mechanisms that drove the evolution of the religious mind. Barbara King argues that while non-human primates are not religious, they do exhibit some traits that would have been necessary for the evolution of religion. Jun 16, 2018 - Defining Church/Religious Consciousness, Which Is Right, Science Or Religion? The Hebrew religion gave us monotheism; it gave us the concept of rule by law; it gave us the concept that the divine works its purpose on human history through human events; it gave us the concept of the covenant, that the one god has a special relationship to a community of humans above all others. “It is in the story of how these [subcortical] mechanisms evolved that, ultimately, the origins of religion are to be discovered.”. It has been argued that it is universal among human cultures for the color red to represent blood, sex, life and death.[50]. The Pyramid Texts from ancient Egypt are one of the oldest known religious texts in the world, dating to between 2400–2300 BCE. The manufacture of complex tools requires creating a mental image of an object which does not exist naturally before actually making the artifact. And it might go without saying, but play is embodied. [16], Lewis Wolpert argues that causal beliefs that emerged from tool use played a major role in the evolution of belief. They either abandon it, or start over and repair it. The evolutionary origin of religions and religious behavior is a field of study related to evolutionary psychology, the origin of language and mythology, and cross-cultural comparison of the anthropology of religion. Philip Lieberman states "human religious thought and moral sense clearly rest on a cognitive-linguistic base".

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