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Developing highly specialized functional units makes it difficult to achieve coordination or integration among these units. Should all specialists in a given function be grouped under a common boss, regardless of differences in products they are involved in, or should the various functional specialists working on a single product be grouped together under the same superior? On the other hand, having product units as the basis for organization promotes collaboration between specialists, but the functional specialists feel less identification with functional goals. The PRODUCT function is helpful when when multiplying many cells together. Then we consolidated our organization into specialized functional departments, each dealing with all of our products. 5. The product organization utilizes the functional approach but creates large business units within the company for each major product the company offers. Perhaps even more important, the functional structure also seems to permit a degree of integration sufficient to get the organization’s work done. They worried that issues were often not getting settled. A Function Structure Diagrams (FSD) is a graphical representation of the functions a product performs on its inputs and outputs. Their shared goals and a common boss encouraged them to deal directly with each other and confront their conflicts. This can enable the company to shorten their development and manufacturing cycles and bring products to market faster to beat the competition. And besides, we get together frequently and have plenty of chances to discuss differences over a cup of coffee.”. A coffee roaster FSD will be constructed as another illustrative example. Additional evidence of this more diffuse orientation toward goals is provided by comments such as these which came from Plant P engineers and managers: “We are here for a reason—to run this place the best way we know how. For them, this combination was satisfying. 23–24. Likewise, marketing employees are in the marketing department, and manufacturing employees are in the manufacturing department. The “matrix” or grid organization, which combines the product and functional forms by overlaying them. The nature of the organization at Plant F seemed to suit its stable but high rate of efficiency. Organizational Chart at Plant P. In studying differentiation, it is useful to focus on the functional specialists’ differences in outlook in terms of: The bases of organization in the two plants had a marked effect on the specialists’ differentiated goal orientations. The jobs were well defined and managers worked within procedures and rules. As illustrated at Plant P, the product organization form allows the greater differentiation in time orientation and structure that specialists need to attack problems. A version of this article appeared in the. Now they’ve shut down the line.”, “When we get the information, it is usually too late to do any real planning. Exhibit I. Before drawing some conclusions from the study of these two plants, it is important to make two more relevant comparisons between them—their effectiveness in terms of the goals set for them and the attitudes of employees. Before turning to academic life, he spent 15 years in industry. In Plant P the only relationship where integration was unsatisfactory was that between production and quality control specialists. This intense concern with one set of goals is analogous to a rifle shot; in a manner of speaking, each specialist took aim at one set of goals and fired at it. The formula =PRODUCT(A1:A3) is the same as =A1*A2*A3. When one marketing department learns something important, they may have no process in place for sharing it with the other marketing department. 3. Maintenance has the job. This form of organization is less psychologically demanding for the individuals involved. Because each division functions independently, there may be several employees or whole departments that perform duplicate functions, causing a loss of profitability and productivity. They were making the same product; their markets, technology, and even raw materials were identical. No company has designed and marketed a completely satisfactory roaster for the home market. If the bakery division of the company is losing sales, the clothing division can still be successful and have the resources it needs to grow. You can get an answer.”. Which approach permits the maximum use of special technical knowledge? The characteristics of these two organizations are summarized in Exhibit IV. But we do not propose them as a panacea, because they make sense only for those situations where the differentiation and integration required by the sum of all the tasks make a middle approach necessary. They also identified explicitly the same two objectives. from Queen's University. The functional specialists now reported to the top officers in charge of production and sales, and there was no mechanism for one person to coordinate their work below the level of division management. How does the decision affect the prospects of accomplishing integration? ... Strategy and Structure … Learn more at One Plant P employee volunteered: “Communications are no problem around here. The rationale for the decision was that it would lead to improved control of production costs and efficiencies in production and marketing. This makes it difficult for employees to share information on important lessons to keep in mind or specific training and learning materials. The plants were separated from other structures at the same site, where other company products were made. Of all the issues facing a manager as he thinks about the form of his organization, one of the thorniest is the question of whether to group activities primarily by product or by function. This is so because the tasks provide less opportunity for conflict and because the specialists have less differentiated viewpoints to overcome. Given this pattern, it is not surprising that they felt very involved in their jobs. Is it one where integration can be achieved by plan and conflict managed through the hierarchy? All other functional specialists reported to the staff of the divisional manufacturing manager, who was also responsible for plants manufacturing other products. These teams provide some opportunity for communication and conflict resolution and also a degree of the common identification with product goals that characterizes the product organization. And higher management was pleased with the facility’s production efficiency. The two plants where this study was conducted were selected because they were closely matched in several ways. Customer feedback on this idea should be used to determine if it is included in the product. Corporations, especially manufacturers, long have wrestled with the problem of how to structure their organizations to enable employees, particularly the specialists, to do their jobs with maximum efficiency and productivity. The dilemma of product versus function is by no means new; managers have been facing the same basic question for decades. Our quality is consistently better, too.”, “We are continuing to look for and find ways to improve and consolidate jobs.”. It was found that at Plant F there were fewer differences among functional activities in the formality of organization structure than at Plant P. Plant F employees reported that a uniform degree of structure existed across functional specialties; job responsibilities were well defined, and the distinctions between jobs were clear. Perception of the formality of organization. Overall, differentiation was greater between functional specialists at Plant P than at Plant F. Exhibit III. from the University of Toronto and a B.A.H. A major manufacturer of corrugated containers a few years ago shifted from a product basis to a functional basis.

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