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Gemini’s first and only legal wife was Alamelu, fondly called “Bopji”. He chatted with us for nearly three hours on a number of topics including his films and his days at MCC. "[35] He is also credited for having introduced leading Tamil actor Kamal Haasan to Kalathur Kannamma, where the latter was a child artist. Later, at the peak of her career, Rekha told an interviewer that her father's neglect still rankled and that she had ignored his efforts at reconciliation. [48], After a prolonged illness due to kidney failure and multiple organ failure, Gemini Ganesan died surrounded by Bobji and their daughters at his residence on 22 March 2005, 13:30 IST. Biden’s creditable, credible electoral triumph has ensured that decency, dignity and decorum will once […]. The producers felt the handsome debonair Gamini could not play an ugly dwarf. [36], Despite being one of the most successful actors of Tamil cinema during his time, Gemini Ganesan was criticised for being "fossilised in one type of portrayal",[34] as most of his films were typically "boy meets girl" romantic films. The ugly dwarf in ‘Kanavanae Kankanda Theivam’; the valiant military commander Velliathevan in ‘Veera Pandiya Kattabhomman’; the freedom fighter Madasamypillai in ‘Kappalottiya Thamilan’; the burdened family man seeking solace as a Catholic priest in ‘Sumai Thangi,’ the widower with child caught up in a triangular relationship in films like ‘Katpaham,’ and ‘Ramu,’ ., the Nathaswaram player lip synching to perfection on screen the music of maestro Karukurichi Arunasalam in ‘Konchum Salangai,; Vikkarama Cholan in ‘Parthiban Kanavu,’ the warrior Veeramallan in ‘Saraswathy Sabatham,’ Lakshmana in ‘Lava Kusa,’ Lord Siva in ‘Kandan Karunai,’ Lord Krishna in ‘Veera Abhimanyu’ and the devotee to truth in ‘Punnagai’ are some performances lingering in memory. [6][37] His hostile relationship with daughter Rekha was also criticised. [6] He was skilled in various sports such as tennis, golf, badminton, and captained his college's cricket team. Gemini was the greatest lover on Tamil silver screen, making hearts flutter. He even declined a Rajya Sabha MP nomination proposal by former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The MGR-Sivaji-Gemini period at its best was the golden age of Tamil cinema. The elder is Rekha, the well-known Hindi film actress. Since Muthulakshmi was an ardent follower of Ramakrishna, she decided to enrol Ganesan into Ramakrishna Mission Home. Prominent personalities including Tamil Nadu's chief ministers M. Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha paid their last respects to the veteran actor. However, they left Ganesan with his aunt so he would grow into an educated and respectable man. Ganesan was the son of Ramaswamy and Bhagirathi Amma. Much against Alamelu's wishes, Ganesan went to Delhi. In fact he was dubbed “Kaadhal Mannan,” meaning “King of Romance” or “Romance King”. None could make the “beggar” go away. -MA Sumanthiran MP, If Ranil Wickremesinghe had contested the 2015 Presidential Election; he would probably have won it in a close contest; Instead Ranil became an inescapable prisoner of the Yahapalana trap. It was a case of art imitating life and Gemini was in his element playing all roles. Ganesan also starred in Kalathur Kannamma (1959), which was also the debut for Kamal Haasan, who would later become one of the leading actors in Tamil cinema. Raghavan , P. Jayachandran and S.P. The last time I saw Gemini in the flesh was in 1978. In a career spanning more than five decades Gemini Ganesan made his mark in Tamil films as the romantic hero par excellence. According to politician M. Karunanidhi, the actor had developed a "reformer's mind" because he was raised by his aunt Muthulakshmi Reddy, who fought for the abolition of the devadasi system. When Ganesan was in the sixth grade, his grandfather died and not long after that, his father too died. From then onwards there was no looking back. Though he proved his mettle in many movies with fight scenes and heavy duty dialogue, Gemini was not classed as a fighter or actor in the MGR-Sivaji mould. Notable among these were ‘Pennin Perumai,’ ‘Veera Pandiya Kattabhomman,’ ‘Kappalottiya Thamilan,’ ‘Pathi Bhakthi,’ ‘Pavamannippu,’ ‘Parthal Pasi Theerum,’ ‘Kandan Karunai,’ ‘Saraswathie Sabatham’ and ‘Unakkaha Naan’. Savitri and Gemini Ganesan's love story is something that has piqued the interest of youngsters, thanks to the success of Mahanati/Nadigaiyar Thilagam. In a career spanning nearly 50 years, Ganesan played a variety of roles, from Abhimanyu in Mayabazar (1957), to resistance fighter Madasamy in Kappalottiya Thamizhan (1961), and in Pennin Perumai (1960), he played a "non-assertive imbecile morphing into a well-moulded human being". Utterly bored with academia, he obtained employment at Gemini Studios run by the mercurial S. Sreenivasan known as S.S. Vasan. Gemini Ganesan was regarded widely as the greatest romantic lover in Tamil cinema. He displayed great professional courtesies to his fellow actors. His first Hindi film was Missiamma's remake Miss Mary (1957), which became one of the biggest Indian hits of that year. Gemini Ganesan (Tamil: ஜெமினி கணேசன்) (17 November 1920 – 22 March 2005) was an Indian actor. She acted in films as a child artiste, ‘Baby Savitri’. [21] The only time he even barely approached politics was in 1963, when he organised a function for Subramania Bharati at Ettayapuram. Gemini was disappointed but not for long. An interesting incident occurred when the film ‘Missiammah’ was shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. One of his duties was to interview prospective actors and actresses. [40], Gemini Ganesan, at 19, married Alamelu, with whom he lived and whom he fondly called "Boubji". Though he remained married to Alamelu for more than six decades, the actor was involved with a number of other women, notably actresses Pushpavalli and Savitri. Gemini however was the odd man out among the top three. The film also portrays the life of Gemini Ganesan. He worked as a demonstrator in chemistry for a while at his alma mater. No print of that film is known to survive, making it a lost film. He himself admitted to his numerous affairs with other married women to an Indian magazine in an interview . His name in the credits was RG. Despite the fickle love life, Gemini was a shrewd businessman and invested heavily in real estate and property development schemes. An uncle of mine who was a great old movie buff and wonderful singer launched into a Gemini Ganesan number when an aunt of my wife-to-be casually remarked that … Ganesan immediately agreed and married Alamelu in June 1940. [citation needed] Chamundeswari has a son Abhinay Vaddi, who acted in Ramanujan (2014), and is therefore Ganesan's grandson. [45][46], A documentary film on the legend in the name of Kadhal Mannan was produced by Dr. Kamala Selvaraj and directed by Ashok Kumar, DFT (Programme Head-Vendhar TV) in 2011. [22] Ganesan produced Naan Avan Illai (1974), in which he played a womaniser. The film, which featured him in a dual role, paired him with his future wife Savitri, and became a "milestone in his life". He along with actress Rajshree participated as chief guests at a cultural event held at the Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo. [23] It was a box office failure, having collapsed within a week of its release.

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