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and our Dairy Global - Gateway to the global dairy farming industry Research project focuses on farmer well-being The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) … People   : people inside and outside the farm; the entrepreneur him/herself, his/her family, employees, neighbouring residents and other third parties such as suppliers; Planet    : consequences for the (living) environment; Profit     : the production and economic effects of dairy. By bringing together professionals from different companies - in terms of nature and size - we want to increase and optimize our reach. GDT Insight provides real-time or delayed access to invaluable data and historical results from GDT Events as they unfold. GDF is a platform for leading dairy farmers, with a restricted number of companies, from all over the world to meet each other for the discussion of new strategies, as a reaction to new policy measures, legislation and market developments. Find out more, Change in GDT Price Index from previous event. 1 Find out more, GDT Insight Since 2008 we have built a reputation for transparency and integrity. December GDFarmers are the pioneers of the dairy sector. Our international network of progressive dairy farmers and related Business Partners obtain knowledge on a tactical and strategic level. and you can become a member upon invitation. A twice monthly Trading Event that impartially balances supply and demand for dairy products to determine market based reference prices. Global top dairy corporations 2018, based on market share Global top 20 milk companies based on milk intake 2018 Largest dairy foods processors in North America 2019, based on sales Our events during the year are in different regions around the world, even in non-typical dairy regions. Receive the latest results & announcements, © Copyright 2020 GlobalDairyTrade Holdings Limited, Event 273 / But most of all, our farmers and partners are the ones that make all our events something unique and exclusive. Plaats een vinkje voor "Ik ben geen robot" en klik op verstuur. GDF is a platform for leading dairy farmers, with a restricted number of companies, from all over the world to meet each other for the discussion of new strategies, as a reaction to new policy measures, legislation and market developments. We work with companies around the world to discover the market based reference prices for dairy and create new trading opportunities. GDF is proudly exclusive and trust, integrity and confidentiality are assumed. Our team of Global Dairy Farmers is committed to enlarge the knowledge and experience of our members and partners and by doing so assist in developing the dairy sector worldwide, keeping in mind the welknown 3 P's. The GDT Price Index is calculated from the total quantity sold in a Trading Event across all products, contract periods and sellers. GDT Events provides valuable price discovery during uncertain times. Fonterra advises that from June 2020 it will no longer offer Rennet Casein for sale through GDT Events. GDT Price Index over 10 years. Read more We are happy to have farmers representing 20 countries of 7 continents.Since 2015 Global Dairy Farmers is a cooperative U.A. And let us not forget the inspiring presentation of our GDFarmer Matt Hocken! That's what you learn at the GDF. Global Dairy Farmers consists of a mix of people with different backgrounds but with the same ideals. 12:00 UTC, GDT invites feedback on proposed change to Oversight Board Charter, Fonterra to cease selling Rennet Casein on GDT Events. GDT Marketplace is a broader marketplace to buy and sell a wide range of dairy products, in any quantity, at any time. These conversations always allow new impulses, an extension of one's own horizon and business. This knowledge and the new found ideas can be implemented at their own organization. Global Dairy Farmers is the inspiring global network of  inspirational and ambitious dairy farmers. Global Dairy Platform’s Nourish 2019 Focuses on the Role Dairy Plays Preserving our Planet and Nourishing Consumers of the Future Chicago, Ill. (June19, 2019) –Nourish 2019, June 17–19 in Chicago, Ill., welcomed world-renowned speakers such as, H.E. Do you allow yourself to get new impulses, to extend your own horizon? continuing to browse, you agree to us using Do you want to meet innovative, cross-thinking entrepreneurs? Global Dairy Congress positions to be most influential global series dairy event platform in emerging markets including Asia, China, Africa and MENA, for industry chain stakeholders from governments, associations, farmers, processors, marketers, technology solution providers as well as investment, insurance and consulting service providers, to grasp latest industry policy, development programs, consumer perspectives, dairy … 2020 An open relationship with each other is key to us. Next to our Confidence Index and the GDF Congress, we organise additional meetings and either initiate or take part in different projects with our members and partners. See Explanatory Notes below for more detailed definitions. It is not about problems, but about challenges and solutions are sought (out-of-the-box thinking). Global Dairy Trade (GDT) invites you to provide feedback on a proposed change to the Charter of the GDT Events Oversight Board and Rulings Panel. ". The networking is unique, as are the ideas that spring from the network. We use cookies to give you the best This approach ensures a long-term value creation for our progressive farmers, society, the environment and the dairy sector as a whole. Together with other leading experts in different fields related to dairy and key-stakeholders from around the globe we exchange knowledge, experience and business opportunities. A subscription service that provides traders, analysts and dairy market participants with access to data from the twice monthly GDT Events. Global Dairy Farmers is the worldwide network of leading dairy farmers and industry partners. GDT Marketplace is an online dairy trading platform providing a flexible, convenient way to buy and sell dairy ingredients. Three packs to suit your budget and data requirements. GDT Insight is our data subscription service, designed to help you unlock more value in the world of dairy trading. Find out more, GDT Marketplace is the globally connected marketplace for dairy. The greatest intangible benefit comes from the deep and lasting friendships across continents that develop over time as a result of being a friend of Global Dairy Farmers (GDF). Then Global Dairy Farmers (GDF) is there for YOU. Global Dairy Farmers is the worldwide network of leading dairy farmers and industry partners. Knowledge is obtained through gatherings, (research)projects, the GDF Congress. The spirit is carried by optimism. Thanks to the preparation and organization of the congresses, the increase in knowledge is enormous. Not everyone has to lead their flock with the same strategy, but every good entrepreneur makes the best of his premises. Cookie Statement It is said that being part of GDF helps you to develop or fine-tune your vision on the dairy sector and maybe even enhance your organization’s vision. GDT Insight provides real-time or delayed access to invaluable data and historical results from GDT Events as they unfold. Global Dairy Trade’s product suite is the definitive toolkit for connecting global pools of buyers and sellers in dairy. Global Dairy Platform’s membership of dairy companies, associations, scientific bodies and other partners collaborate pre-competitively to lead and build evidence on dairy’s role in the diet, and show the sector’s commitment to responsible food production.

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