how to treat honeysuckle leaf blight

We have both followed this disease for decades, in fact I noticed it as a graduate student back in the Dirt Age. Canker Diseases. Irrigation should be scheduled so that periods of high moisture and free water in and around foliage and stems are as short as possible. For years Joe and I have fenced over whether it is more of an irritant than a killer on our invasive honeysuckles. This disease will cause many leaves … Should you wish to control Honeysuckle Leaf Blight on native honeysuckles, improve air movement by thinning the plantings, be careful not to irrigate too much and irrigate early in the day, remove dead leaves with fungal inoculum on affected or fallen foliage during and after the season, and use fungicides such as suitably labeled copper and chlorothalonil fungicides as appropriate. Over time, leaves can become completely brown in color and wither when the leaf scorch is a severe enough case. Treating With Neem Oil Combine 2 1/2 tablespoons of neem oil -- available at most garden centers -- with 1 gallon of water. After scarping them off the plant’s surface, … Over time these patches will grow until they cover the whole of the leaf. The insect’s eggs are commonly found around the leaf joints. in some years compared to others, dependent on spring wetness. Powdery mildew, under most cases, can be rubbed off the leaf. Several leaf blights as well as honeysuckle leaf folding aphid can cause the damage you describe. However, as he noted, he had never seen it on the trumpet honeysuckle at the Cincinnati Zoo even though the non-native honeysuckle outside the Zoo fencing is heavily infected this year. I hardly doubt this observation: after running over it with his car week by week for a decade any invasive will be knocked back a bit. The first symptom is a yellowing of leaf tissue. Remove and destroy infected plant parts and spray the vines every 7 to 10 days with a copper-based fungicide from the time buds swell to just before flowers open. As with many diseases, it is worse (better?) Honeysuckle comes in bush and vining varieties, with blooms in pink, orange, yellow or red. Fragrant honeysuckle blossoms signal the beginning of spring. Mancozeb is registered for control of honeysuckle blight. Even Joe, though, notes that he has never seen it fully knock out whole plants; particularly big, well established plants. The season also means the reawakening of the fungus that causes honeysuckle leaf blight, notes the Iowa State University Extension. For Joe, hope springs eternal and he says that young plants are in despair near the parking lot that he regularly visits near his house. To control an infestation, prune out infested parts and treat the plant with horticultural oils or insecticidal soaps. One of us, Joe Boggs, recently received several queries (with attached images) about a problem inquiring minds noted on honeysuckle foliage in southwest Ohio. When they developed some disease that causes the leaves to turn brown, curl up and die. The leaves of the honeysuckle will begin to yellow or darken between the leaf veins or along the margins of the leaf. Diaporthe stem canker, eutypa dieback, hypoxylon canker and phoma stem and leaf blight are common honeysuckle diseases in warm climates. Powdery mildew, under most cases, can be rubbed off the leaf. Brown and Curled Leaves on Honeysuckle. In Joe’s reply he noted that this fungus can infect both native honeysuckle, including trumpet honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) and non-native invasive honeysuckles. The leaves are often rolled and twisted and drop prematurely. This article was originally published on July 26, 1996. The first symptom is a yellowing of leaf tissue. raking, burning). Cover to point of runoff. Where possible, reduce foliage density or grow seedlings as row crops to improve aeration and reduce humidity. (800) 262-3804, Iowa State University | PoliciesState & National Extension Partners, by Teresa Cotten, Department of Plant Pathology, Like us at Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic, Like us at Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Viburnum, Bacterial Leaf Spot/Leaf Blight, Venturia Leaf and Shoot Blight of Aspen and Poplars.

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