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If the cube is on the same level, you and your friends are equals. b. Kokology, a Japanese psychological test that will tell a lot about your personality! Guess I have a few kids I do not know about…. Decision making is a very rooted aspect of most people's lives, especially when they become adults. THIS is What Your Eye Shape Says About Your Personality! You would erase yourself. You are sociable and have a sense of humor. Elderberry for Colds: Benefits and Dangers, Himalayan Salt Lemonade: Stop Migraines FAST, C60 Oil (Carbon 60, Fullerene) Supplement Health Benefits + Risks, the best-selling book “Kokology” by Japanese author Tadahiko Nagao. On the basis of this answer, one can infer about his/her family relationships and love. Bands similar to Queen that you should listen to, Khloe Kardashian finally finds out about Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal on KUWTK. They are hungry and are looking for food. And do not forget to follow us on InstagramSource: Unsplash.com/Starstock.newscom.com/Pixabay.com. The book is filled with various psychological games … If the ladder is short, this means you prefer keeping a small circle of friends. Is it an old ladder? If the ladder is below the cube, your friends see you as an authority figure. c. Abstract image, something artistic. You see yourself as a loving person, always entertaining everyone around you. If the cube you’ve envisioned is large, you’re likely a very confident person. b. This article, written by our staff, is free and open source. If you chose the answer: a. The main focus is the analysis of the deep psyche using theories from Freud and Jung. Love is the main cause of stress and pressure in your life. How long is it? b. 10 Things to expect when in a relationship with an October born! Everything you need to know about MAY born WOMEN! How big is it? c. You are a creative person. 10 Powerful Habits Of People Who Create Their Own Happiness, What You See In This Image Reveals Part Of Your Subconscious Personality, This Is What Your Lip Shape Has To Say About Your Personality, (Healthier!) But digit ratio theory isn’t exactly a Japanese thing. a. a. All You Need to Know About L-Carnitine Supplements, This Letter Association Test Reveals If You’re A Realist Or Idealist. Is it buried in the sand or is it sitting on top? d. "You know, I painted this picture.". You want an enormous passion. The dark blue sea in which the stars reflect. c. You think you are very talented and very creative. More reliable than blood type personality theory, the hand test (or digit ratio theory, as it’s known in the West) might have at least some truth to it. If it’s a long ladder, you’re an extrovert with many friends and acquaintances. If the horse you imagined is a strong workhorse, that means your ideal partner is hardworking and reliable. Your life is based on morality. PSI-Technology.net Feel free to sketch out what you see in your head as you work through them. BuzzFeedVideo, cube personality testcube testjapanese cube personality testpersonalitypersonality quizpersonality test. The main focus is the analysis of the deep psyche using theories from Freud and Jung. If you chose the answer: a. Where exactly is it? Sources: a. If you chose the answer: a. c. You would erase "the third one". Many commented on how accurate the results are while others pointed out that it isn't possible to define a person based on colours and a few personality traits. You believe in the importance of honesty between lovers. If the ladder is detached, this means you prefer to be independent. It’s known as the ‘”cube personality test” and it was developed by Japanese psychologists in the year 2000. However, many experts believe that the new... A new study conducted by the University of Flinders in Australia has tried to prove a theory about the classic optical illusion called "My wife and my mother-in-law". They seek their lost love. Old images that prevent you from falling asleep. Click to back to. How big is the cube? The dreadful Joker's curse: each of the actors who has played it has gone through tragic moments, The actress who played Lucy from "The Chronicles of Narnia" at 23. Things that simultaneously happen in different parts of the world in 24 hours. The quiz was first published in the best-selling book “Kokology” by Japanese author Tadahiko Nagao. Picture as from a cartoon. d. Landscape. b. c. Fog, which covers the sea. The participant of this kind of test presents a scene from life, movie, fairy and expects an answer, which in a given situation he/she would do. b. d. You are always upset when you meet someone new, you want to make a good impression. d. You are a pessimist. c. Abstraction. d. You are looking for perfect love. The choice says a lot about our... What do you see in the image? Check your e-mail and click confirmation link to reset your password, You must be at least 13 years old to view this content. Do not hesitate to share this article with everyone and leave a Like on our Facebook page! Why was my post revealing this to be a blatant plagiarisation removed Mr Wolfe? "What a beautiful picture, don’t you think?" What’s the ladder made of? Do you see it? You will receive a link to create a new password via email. It’s known as the ‘”cube personality test” and it was developed by Japanese psychologists in the year 2000. Well, unlike most other personality quizzes, the cube test forces you to dive into your subconscious to pick up on things you might not even be aware of. e. The wafer, which is decorated with a cake. You respect love and consider it a beautiful adventure. C. You feel dissatisfied with your appearance. d. Your photo. The most racist celebrities in Hollywood! You will be conservative. e. You are affectionate, romantic and always dreaming of a happy marriage. The actor who played Jasper in "Twilight" looks way different 7 years later, Freddie Mercury and Lady Di: All about their intimate friendship. d. You are reasonable, you are a born leader. c. You care about others' feelings and emotions, but because you do not want to offend anyone. Tall female celebrities who love short men! Looking to take the quiz in video form? d. Common fun, family entertainment. Although the name of Katie Holmes became a hot topic after her marriage to Tom Cruise, it quickly was surpassed by the expectation of the first biological daughter of the famous actor of Hollywood. Please enter your username or email address. a. b. Caricature. Is the cube moving? a. Self-portrait. Copyright 2020 © Dazzling.news. A warm atmosphere that makes everyone want to talk to each other. This question is about your "dark side" and the pressure you feel. Kokology is the study of Kokoro in Japanese which in the meaning mean the study of mind or spirit! The quiz was first published in the best-selling book “Kokology” by Japanese author Tadahiko Nagao. b. If you chose the answer: a. We've found one colour personality test you may be interested in. It’s known as the ‘”cube personality test” and it was developed by Japanese psychologists in the year 2000. If you’re sketching this out, don’t worry if you can’t draw a horse all that well. What’s it made of? If the horse is far away from the cube or moving in the opposite direction, this means you’re distant from your present partner or far from attaining your ideal one. If you’ve envisioned the ladder touching the cube, this means you’re very connected to your friends and rely on them for support.

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