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ACADEMICCOURSES connects students with educators providing courses, preparatory years, short programs, certificates, diplomas, and more. Taking a course in oil and gas can prove to be beneficial, whether you end up working within the industry or not. What is a course in oil and gas and what does it contain? From production to distribution, this field of study sets out to prepare professionals to provide energy on a global scale. ACADEMICCOURSES is part of the Keystone Academic Solutions family of student-centered websites that help students and higher education institutions find each other online. Higher education is more than a college degree. Basic Drilling Technology – BDT. This course will introduce you to the formation of oil... Petroleum Finance and Accounting Principles - PFA. The dramatic increase in shale gas and tight oil production/reserves is changing the global energy market forever. Please refine your filters. For more than 40 years, IFP Training has offered a wide range of technical courses, directly oriented towards industrial practice and covering the entire Oil & Gas chain. Understand the financial impact of each step of the oil industry, from wellhead to gas pump. Those with the proper education, training and experience stand to make a substantial living in today’s economy. Training in this area covers a range of subjects related to oil refining processes, such as hydro sulfurization and product development of everything from jet fuel to asphalt. This Oil and Gas - Business Environment and Finance course is an advanced management training solution dedicated specifically to the... Add two or more courses that you would like to compare directly using the, Select courses that you would like to compare using the, Fuel your career in the oil and gas industry. This course aims at providing a general knowledge of the drilling … We are committed to doing everything we can to help you keep learning in the coming months. This includes exploration, drilling, economics, production, and OPEC. Basic Drilling, Completion and Workover Operations – BDC. Stay up to date with the latest industry trends, technological advancements and laws in the oil and gas industry with oil and gas training courses. Achieving objectives and being successful in this highly competitive arena requires professional development and education. This 3-day training course will teach delegates key project skills and techniques relevant to the oil and gas industry including: planning, risk assessment, estimating, modelling, organising and controlling resources and schedules, with a view to optimising performance and quality. The API 1104 Online Code Clinic serves as a detailed road map and offers a new level of immersion in... Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) - Drilling & Servicing, National Association of Safety Professionals. Basic. It is... Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) - Pipeline Systems, Hydrogen Sulfide Safety: Train-The-Trainer (HST). Consult the sub-sections to find the course that best suits your needs. Business Essentials is a broad set of self-paced e-Learning modules designed to improve critical business skills for individuals in the oil and gas industry. Whether you study on campus or online can also affect the cost. A course in oil and gas helps to provide individuals with the education needed to prepare for such a career. These courses are offered in different formats to fit your needs and availability. Other options within this field of study: University of Tulsa College of Business Administration. Can you spare four minutes to fill out our survey and let us know how we can best keep helping you? Several critical links in the supply chain are also represented in this field. Accounting is also a possible option if you have previous accounting experience or coursework. This program is comprised of six topics and is certified by the Det Norske Veritas following DNV standard 3.303. Do you want to hear about upcoming free webinars from expert training providers? The Malaysian International Shipping Co (MISC), one of the largest transporter of Liquefied Natural Gas cargo, assisted with the review of this program. ADU Services in collaboration with Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM) developed the world's first web-based Liquefied Natural Gas program designed to assist seafarers and maritime workers effectively and efficiently manage Liquefied Natural Gas Shipping operations. The three major components in the oil and gas sector are the upstream, the midstream, and the downstream. Oil & gas training courses on and offshore We have delivered clear and concise training onsite on an international basis – onshore and offshore – for over three decades. Search through the offered courses below and contact the admissions office directly for the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. Whether working on-shore providing support, in a managerial role, or as technical or operations personnel there are plenty of opportunities for professional development ranging from regulatory compliance to skills-based best practice. Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production. Professional training related to this sector cover a multitude of highly specific skills, usually regarding specific technologies related to pipelines, pumps, and artificial lift systems to name a few. This course identifies common hazards and possible solutions for reducing incidents that could lead to injuries or fatalities. Basic Petroleum Technology – BPT. Oil and Gas Training Courses. findcourses.com offers a free consultancy service to help compare training for you and your team. The downstream sector represents the final phase of development before the petroleum product touches consumers, usually in the form of gasoline. ... . We use cookies on our site to give you the best experience possible. Basic Geophysics – BGP. The cost of a course will vary depending on the institution you choose to attend, as well as the focus of the course you select. These courses are offered in different formats to fit your needs and availability. Taking an oil and gas course can prepare you for different career paths, though becoming an engineer is the most common option. Dealing with the downstream part of our industry, the Refining & Chemicals domain offers courses to professionals designing, operating and managing refineries, petrochemical or chemical sites. Oil and gas training programs in the upstream sector deal with all activities leading up to and including the operation of wells bringing crude oil and natural gas to the surface. However, a general oil and gas course concentrates on the oil and gas management system, how to implement it and efficient methods of problem solving. This seminar addresses the common and often intricate transactions faced by oil and gas tax partnerships using a building block approach. Basic Petroleum Economics – BEC3. Fundemtals Of Drilling Process. As one of the fastest developing industries in the US, the energy sector brings growing revenues to the economy and attracts a great number of investors. Project planning and performance management in the upstream oil and gas sector. Industry considerations play an important role in all business activities. Discover the options our scholarship can give you, Tulsa , USA +1 More, {{ tt('website__program_pages__new_num_programs_found').replace('{num}', num_programs) }}. This course identifies common hazards and possible solutions for reducing incidents that could lead to injuries or fatalities. Basic Petroleum Geology - BG. Industry considerations play an important role in all business activities. Today, our offering combines scenario-based training, classroom training, e-learning, and blended learning. Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices– BE. Not all training programs in the oil and gas industry fall neatly into the industry stream sections. Intro & Multi-Discipline Courses. This three-day course covers practical considerations essential to achieve major improvements in planning, buying, storing, and disposing of the vast... Get familiar with the midstream sector (trading, transportation, logistics) , which is experiencing rapid change worldwide and most dramatically in... Upstream Oil and Gas Development Lifecycle Costing. Choose three courses that you want to compare. Not all training programs in the oil and gas industry fall neatly into the industry stream sections. Covering topics across all sectors of the oil and gas industry, oil and gas training courses are the fuel your career craves! Often combined with the downstream component, midstream operations describe the transportation of crude or refined products. Offshore oil & gas operations come with their own set of complications and considerations. No programs meet your search criteria. All the aforementioned options have been and are expected to continue to be quite lucrative career paths.

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