positivism vs logical positivism

Philosophy & Science Einstein vs Logical Positivism Rossen Vassilev Jr. asks if modern physics has become too metaphysical. Both phenomenology and positivism are two important sociological methods that have facilitated social science research over the years. Logical positivism was a later school with the specific aim of creating a language of formal logic to predict positive statements. (This implies that any sentence which cannot be verified empirically is either meaningless nonsense, or a tautology.) All for none, and one for me!'' For the first part I would refer to my answer about postivism: answer to What does positivism mean? In a way, a large portion of this entire work is devoted to a process that sounds like an enormous crowd chanting ``L-P! It also emphasizes the role of observation over the development of explanatory theories. It is also difficult to say if one Logical positivism was a philosophical movement of the 1920s and 30s which wanted to introduce the methodology of science and mathematics to philosophy. Logical Positivism and Pragmatism The attempt to charncterize any philosophic movement i$ a somewhat dubious enterprise, and the comparison of two such is doubly dubious. presumably fundamental, and Why Logical Positivism is Bullshit. A mO"ement is to an extent a fidion: there arc only the individual thinkers agreeing in eerlain Ttspects. L-P! 9. Logical positivism is the thesis that the meaning of a sentence is the set of conditions under which that sentence could be verified to be true. It cannot be argued that one of these is better or more relevant than the other. I'm actually sort of fond of logical positivism (LP). Logical positivism is fiercely anti-metaphysical, such that it makes Kant look like kind of a sissy. Logical positivism is a school of philosophy that emerged out of the Vienna Circle in the early 20th century. Positivism claims that science is the best approach to understanding the world and/or to addressing social issues. Its proponents emphasize materialism, empiricism, philosophical naturalism and the scientific method as the highest pursuits of rational thought. According to Ayer, there are really only two kinds of truth-apt statements: tautologies and propositions directly available to verification by the senses.

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