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Manche rapide à la bonne taille (pour moi), bien équilibrée et les finitions sont au top. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? J'ai une SE custom 22 et je te confirme c'est une très bonne guitare. The average fully appointed PRS typically sells for around $2,500—a fair price, especially when you consider the difficulty of building a guitar that performs and looks like a PRS. The Custom 22 has a Wide Thin profile set-maple neck; the Santana’s set-mahogany version comes with the Wide Fat shape with a slightly longer neck heel. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. PRS SE Custom 22 VS. 869 € 1 . Paul Reed Smith Custom Series SE models are the step between a Standard SE and a main-line PRS model. Tout afficher. PRS SE Hollowbody FR Fire Red. Guitares électriques. All rights reserved. Much of the Singlecut’s universal appeal is due to its pickups. Like its 24-fret brother, the SE Custom 22 sports a maple top with mahogany back and 25” scale length. There was a problem. You will receive a verification email shortly. But these are mere cosmetic differences. If you’re looking for a guitar that embodies the vintage-modern ideal, then the SE Singlecut is an excellent choice. As with the American Custom 22 the SE’s mahogany body benefits aesthetically and tonally from a flamed maple top. As I pushed the amp’s gain higher, I also noticed that the SE Singlecut didn’t lose its vintage flavor. As compared to the Standard SEs, they feature slightly upgraded finishes—like a maple cap and veneer where the Standard SEs feature all-mahogany bodies. Hardware includes a beautiful version of the famous John Mann tremolo used on domestic PRS guitars and a set of sealed chrome tuners. Bath Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. I found the clean sounds, especially using the neck pickup, to be mellow and satisfying, but not so dramatic as the Custom’s driven tones. Fortunately, since the recent resolution of Gibson’s lawsuit against the design, Singlecut production is back on track, and we can now enjoy the new SE version of the PRS Singlecut guitar. For players who grew up on 22 frets, the SE Custom 22 is a solid choice that will take anything you throw at it. This month I have the pleasure of reviewing two of the latest additions to the SE lineup: the PRS SE Custom and SE Singlecut guitars. 959 € 1 . The Santana packs a flatter 11.5-inch ’board. My SE Custom test guitar is specifically the Korean variant of the PRS Custom 22. The maple tops they use aren’t heavily carved—the SE Custom’s top is totally flat; the flame effect on the maple caps is achieved through a seamless veneer application, and the famous PRS bird inlays aren’t on offer. 979 € 1 . Vidéos YouTube associées . 1.066 € 3 . The PRS SE guitars get my vote for import guitars of the year. The highs were never shrill, and the midrange was always woody and deep. My SE Custom test guitar is specifically the Korean variant of the PRS Custom 22. PRS SE Mark Holcomb HB. The SE Custom’s black-and-tan humbuckers are also custom-wound in Korea and help to distinguish the guitar tonally from any instrument that PRS has offered to date. Ali Allah­verdi . Infos sur guitare électrique PRS SE Custom 22 : avis, comparateur de prix, petites annonces, fiche technique, forum de discussion… The Custom 22’s fingerboard radius is 10 inches. The carved maple top is beautifully smooth and the body’s mahogany back keeps the guitar lightweight and full of warm tone. Moon inlays dot the rosewood board, and the 22 medium jumbo frets feature the same flattened crown that gives expensive PRS guitars a worn-in and fast feel. This unenviable task is exactly what Paul Reed Smith asked of the special team that oversees his SE guitar line. BA1 1UA. Like its 24-fret brother, the SE Custom 22 sports a maple top with mahogany back and 25” scale length. Les guitares électriques courent les rues et de nos jours les modèles et les fabricants sont légion. The latter is arguably the design that we most associate with the brand, with a little splash of Fender DNA in the … PRS SE Custom 24 Burled Ash. Each guitar design has a unique set of features and tonal qualities not found on its U.S.-built counterpart. 1.799 € 5 . But to reduce production costs, it has a flat, rather than carved, top. PRS Singlecut guitars have enjoyed incredibly popularity since rockers like Mark Tremonti picked them up.It’s hard to not be moved by the SE Singlecut’s sexy bodylines. Through my very crunchy Marshall, the SE Singlecut performed admirably, producing loud, punchy and dynamic tones. The SE Custom’s pickups are unique and astoundingly responsive. Since I had 2014 model of PRS SE Custom (serial starts with O) and now I have 2016 PRS SE Standard (serial starts with IB) I can compare. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. PRS S2 Custom 22 AS. © The guitar gave me the same results through my Fender Deluxe Reissue and delivered a much broader spectrum of tone than I could have imagined from a mahogany guitar in this price range. After hearing the SE Singlecut’s tone, I was excited to plug the guitar into my Marshalls and Fenders. 1.799 € 33 . Additional appointments include dual humbuckers with a volume, tone, and 3-way blade switch and PRS-designed tremolo bridge. After upgrade it was better but still not up to my taste so I sold it cheaply just to get rid of it. PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo PB. Paul Reed Smith’s SE guitars aren’t just less-expensive versions of the iconic American masterpieces. PRS SE Starla AW Antique White. I was extremely impressed by its ability to produce distinct layers of resonant tone. As with the American Custom 22 the SE’s mahogany body benefits aesthetically and tonally from a flamed maple top. PRS SE Hollowbody MT McCarty TSB. Now, imagine trying to build a guitar of the same caliber for less than $800. 598 € 4 . Through my modified Mesa and Marshall, they were extremely sensitive to pick harmonics and full of usable presence.

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