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PDF; Size: 30 KB. Quantitative approach would be used to study the effectiveness of various tracheostomy cleaning solutions. Learn more about the common types of quantitative data, quantitative data collection methods and quantitative data analysis methods with steps. Variables: Concepts, characteristics, or properties that can vary, or change, from one unit of analysis to another. Some examples include individuals, households, court cases, countries, states, rms, industries, etc. Details. Quantitative Design Research Example. You CANNOT use the examples used below: Qualitative Methods Quantitative Methods Includes interviews, open-ended questions, and focus groups Includes primarily surveys, observations, and reviews of records Uses research questions to guide the research Uses hypotheses … The 2 methods which you can use for performing quantitative research are: 1.1 Primary quantitative research methods. Quantitative research methods: Types and examples. The data obtained using quantitative methods are organized using tables, graphs, or figures that consolidate large numbers of data to show trends, relationships, or differences among variables. Through these downloadable documents, you will get an idea of how this type of research should look like in a research paper. Example: turning opinions into numbers. Any traditional or online data collection method that helps in gathering numerical data is a proven method of collecting quantitative data. 2. Examples include changes in achievement at various stages of education, or the increase in number of senior managers holding management degrees. Download. However, even phenomena that are not obviously numerical in nature can be examined using quantitative methods. This fosters understanding to the readers or clients of the research investigation. By using financial research and analysis, quantitative analysis seeks to assess every investment opportunity, as well as try to estimate a change in macroeconomic value. Please note that all variables must vary, if there is no variation among the di erent cases then it is not a variable. 10+ Quantitative Research Examples. wssu.edu. Quantitative analysis is a mathematical and statistical method of studying behavior and predicting certain outcomes that investors use in their decision-making process. 5. Use Repeatable Method . To give you more understanding of quantitative research, refer to the following examples. File Format. You may also see literacy analysis examples. 1. 7 Data Collection Methods for Qualitative and Quantitative Data. Daniel Ndukwu. Probability sampling A definitive method of sampling carried out by utilizing some form of random selection and enabling researchers to make a probability statement based on data collected at random from the targeted demographic. Data collection is essential for businesses, organizations, and even personal use. It is a type of research which researcher generally use for performing market research. Quantitative data is defined as the value of data in the form of counts or numbers where each data-set has an unique numerical value associated with it. In the digital age data is one of the most valuable resources at your disposal. 2.

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