smoking point of pure olive oil

Frying is usually done below this temperature, which makes it excellent for use. })}); The smoke point of any oil can be defined as that point at which oil begins to break down and turn into smoke. "href": "" The extra virgin olive oil’s high smoke point is roughly between 185 ºC to 210 ºC depending upon FFA. According to the International Olive Oil Council, EVOO is the most stable fat, which can withstand frying temperatures. It is not completely safe, either. A lot of "health experts" argue that high-quality olive oil should not be used in cooking. However, that doesn't make it "safer" for frying. It's a delicious fat source, which provides tons of benefits for your body. A refined or light olive oil will have a higher smoke point than an extra virgin oil, and would be the best choice for frying in olive oil. With a very high smoke point, it is ideal for deep frying and wok frying. This makes it a good choice for most cooking methods. You can think of pan frying as the middle ground between baking and deep frying. you can find a large selection of extra virgin olive oils, directly from Spain. Olive Oil’s Smoke Point – High Heat Turns It Toxic – Image Credit: Vicky Wasik. Our company is well known among its consumers for the provision of high quality oil. The concern with cooking with olive oil or any oil is when it nears its smoke point the oil breaks down. Your email address will not be published. smoke point: 350°F The olive oil smoke point is not the highest of all oils. Let's discover why! In order to survive the hard times ahead we found 2 very good books! It is safe and beneficial to your health. But there are a lot of other factors that go into choosing an oil. According to the North American Olive Oil Association, extra virgin olive oil's smoke point is 350 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and olive oil's smoke point is 390 to 468 degrees Fahrenheit. We always guarantee the newest harvest and freshly filled products, thanks to the direct transport from Spain to all over the World. "button": { On the downside, this means that the temperature is much higher. Of course, extra virgin olive oil is the best to use... but maybe not for the reason you expect. EVOO is the most stable cooking oil that contains polyphenols which prevents the free radical formation, as a result it does not become carcinogenic when heated. Finally, the most important determinant of olive oil smoke point is oil quality. smoke point: 450°F. When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, we see the following points: People have spread various myths about cooking with EVOO. The one reason that does not matter here is the exact number of the olive oil smoke point: Yes, extra virgin olive oil has a higher smoke point. These fats are fairly stable. Can You Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Frying? Olive oil: Refined: 199–243 °C: 390–470 °F: Olive oil: Virgin: 210 °C: 410 °F Olive oil: Extra … This means the olive oil smoke point goes up - at low temperatures, monounsaturated fats are not reactive and will not break down. \ Finally, baking is the most heat-intensive method of preparing food. it! Not only does this ruin the flavour, but it is also potentially harmful, even cancer-causing to humans. Shop Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Many people believe that extra virgin olive oil becomes toxic when heated and is thus not safe to use for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil’s smoke point is somewhere around 374–405°F (190–207°C). These are smoke points of different olive oils: Refined olive oil: 199-243°C (390-470°F) Virgin olive oil:  210°C (410°F) Extra virgin olive oil, low acidity, high quality: 207°C (405°F) As you can see, even refined olive oil has a high enough smoke point to allow deep-frying and roasting at high temperatures. The smoke point is the temperature at which oil starts emitting a bluish smoke. Copyright 2018-2019 Selo Oils, Inc. "palette": { Because fats can conduct heat very effectively, the food cooks evenly on all sides and forms a deliciously crunchy crust. }, Above this temperature, EVOO began to convert into smoke. Coconut Oil. Moreover, the excessive re-use of this oil can degrade its quality and might will become carcinogenic for human health. Peanut Oil. The persisting myth goes that high heat will ruin some of olive oil's health benefits. But what does the science say? "popup": { "dismiss": "Got it! Olive oils are rich in oleic acid, the reason behind their stability and extra virgin olive oils are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which fights against the breakdown of oil particles and prevent the free radical formation. Finally, you will surely be missing out on the health perks of extra virgin olive oil. }, There are other fad foods that come into the spotlight. I have observed that the most circulating questions regarding EVOO are that, can you fry with extra virgin olive oil?, Can you deep fry with extra virgin olive oil? As mentioned above, the maximum heat point of extra virgin olive oil is 185 ºC to 210 ºC, this point is also known as smoke point. This is when you oil a pan and throw the products in. These compounds pick up reactive oxygen radicals. Flavor can be grassy, fruity, or bitter, depending on the olive variety.

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