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Listen to The Story of Psychology, read its reviews and see all its charts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. It beautifully rewrites PSY101 classes into exciting narratives of individuals trying to get a better u. I have never read anything quite like this (The Undoing Project comes quite close), but I know I had to finish this when I heard about it. Would recommend to anyone interested in psychology, and would suggest to those looking to expand their knowledge of the details of psychology, i.e. I felt that the writer gave a skimpy overview of the many forms of psychotherapy and said little to nothing about psychopharmacology. I did note, however, that it only mentions Greek, European, and American-- did other people really have no thoughts on these matters? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is geared for people who may have no aspirations to be in the field, yet are curious. Despite the potentially dry subject matter, the book isn't written dryly at all, actually, and I appreciate the author's reluctance to get too bo. If it wasn't for this book, I wouldn't pass my exams. The Story of Psychology Review P.1: Prescientific Psychology The ancient Greek philosopher (1) Socrates and his student (2) Plato argued that the (3) mind is separable from the (4) body. You can remove the unavailable item(s) now or we'll automatically remove it at Checkout. If you would enjoy a book that (in my opinion poorly and with a lack of focus) integrates the life history of individual researchers, the historical development of a discipline, the history of psychological ideas and the social context in which all of this occurred, by all means, pick up this book. PLAY. Out of a 350-member class taking an urban language-based test, I scored third highest – at 35 (well over a hundred points lower than previous testing). I was able to scoop up many tidbits of psych history that I could use effectively in class to humanize the historical figures that appear in student textbooks. Remove FREE *No commitment, cancel anytime Available: Unavailable for purchase. This book, unlike all the others I've looked at, aswered nearly all of the questions that I had about psychology and provided information that I hadn't iquired after but found most enjoyable to learn. It was only fitting that I found The Story of Psychology there. As Hunt warns about ill-used testing, Dr. Hothersall taught how white Anglo-Saxon language-based IQ tests placed minorities at a disadvantage. Extensive and through history of psychology. items item *No commitment, cancel anytime . But if you've read or heard about Edward G. Boring's (not kidding about that name) tome on the history of psychology, Hunt's book is a delightful read. Ranging from Hobbs all the way to Freud Hunt had me interested in every page of the book. PROLOGUE OVERVIEW PsychoLogy’s Roots. Hunt is a friendly warm writer who is able to c. I first found this book browsing in a Barnes and Noble bookstore about 20 years ago. It greatly added to my knowledge in this area which previously consisted of what I learned in an Intro to Philosophy course. Morton Hunt’s The Story of Psychology could have made a good addition to the course readings. A few quibbles: some of Hunt's language is weird, like anytime there is a reference to homosexuality, he refers to gay people as "homosexuals," a bit of a politically loaded term, and more than once refers to "sexual preference," a term no educated person uses anymore. So far it is very interesting especially since I love stories. Psychology is such a chaotic and disparate field, I appreciated having the linear timeline to kind of put it all in perspective and context. AP Psychology - David G. Myers Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. It's largely a "great person" analysis of this history. Contrary to some other readers, I enjoyed the chapters concerned with early philosophical speculation about the origin and nature of mental processes. He cites philosophers mainly to develop certain themes (atomism, mechanism, empiricism, and associationism) and to help students understand what science is. Start by marking “The Story of Psychology” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Hunt skillfully presents dramatic and lucid accounts of the techniques and validity of centuries of psychological research, and of the methods and effectiveness of major forms of psychotherapy. Just finished this close to 800 page beast on the history of psychology. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I read three books back to back while I was on a trip. I'm not sure who would read a 900-page book about a subject with which they were totally unfamiliar, but on the other hand, virtually nothing in this book was very new to me. Fully revised, and incorporating the dramatic developments of the last fifteen years, The Story of Psychology is a graceful and absorbing chronicle of one of the great human inquiries—the search for the true causes of our behavior. It begins with Greek philosophers, who obviousl. Gravity. This text examines the psychological pioneers’ lives and work in enlivening details that form them into real people. One of my favourite books of all time. Welcome back. But possibly even more transforming than any of these was the recognition by Greek philosophers and their intellectual descendants that human beings could examine, comprehend, and eventually even guide or control their own thought process, emotions, and resulting behavior. Log in Sign up. need to read several times to grasp the vast amount of information contained here. It is basically a history of psychology and doesn't get bogged down in any single topic for too long. By far my favorite work of non-fiction. It is the best book on the history of psychology for an intelligent lay reader I have ever seen. There's a surprising amount of theoretical, philosophical, and research details for a book that seems to focus on historical development, which adds or detract from the enjoyment depending on where you stand intellectually. 1 audiobook monthly + FREE 30-day trial. This book is like an extended spark notes on the history of psychology. It was only fitting that I found The Story of Psychology there. It begins with Greek philosophers, who obviously did not think of themselves as psychologists but attempted to answer some of the same questions, and moves through the Renaissance and Enlightenment and shows how it eventually became a science. (Devante Schmitt) The best psychology books teach us how to use our brains and thoughts to full effectiveness. The book lost its momentum toward the end. This podcast covers the major philosophical, scientific, religious, and cultural trends that contributed to the formation of modern psychology. Tom picked up this 900-page monster for me at one of his book festivals, and I set it aside thinking I would probably never get to it. In addition, the author offers to uphold notions that minorities score lower that whites and females lower than males in IQ testing, because of undeniable and unchangeable genetics. This book is like an extended spark notes on the history of psychology. But to my delight once I started it I sped through it pretty quickly. Published in 1994, the "current" research, especially on neurology, is quite dated, and a good deal of the research you learned in Psych 101, but i really enjoyed the broad contextualization of the movements, ideas and big questions in psychology. This proves Hunt’s cautions as legitimate to me. This is exactly what it claims to be. “Historians are wont to name technological advances as the great milestones of culture, among them the development of the plow, the discovery of smelting and metalworking, the invention of the clock, printing press, steam power, electric engine, lightbulb, semiconductor, and computer. Only left this at 4 stars simply because I doubt this would be described as a "page-turner," especially to those without a pre-existing interest in the history of psychology. Special Offer. Very long but flows well. Though I would also enjoy a cultural or more zeitgeist-oriented approach, it IS still fun to look at the personalities who shaped the field. Test. It's long, but nonetheless not too much time is spent on any single person or topic. I went into this having little to no prior knowledge on psychology, except for the fact that my sister is majoring in it. You will like just how the writer compose this publication. Bolles tells an intriguing story of the history of psychology in a casual, relaxed fashion. User Review - Flag as inappropriate Extremely well-written and insightful. I went into this having little to no prior knowledge on psychology, except for the fact that my sister is majoring in it. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The section on the "proto-psychologists" was highly enlightening insomuch as it discussed the transition from metaphysical theorizing to scientific inquiry. I have never read anything quite like this (The Undoing Project comes quite close), but I know I had to finish this when I heard about it. The parts of the books dedicated to developmental and social psychology made for fascinating reading and the section on the cognitive revolution was very informative.

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