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[73] In October 2007, during an interview with the development team responsible for the remake of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation Portable, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Executive Producer Akitoshi Kawazu was asked about the possibility of a remake or port of the title to the PSP. Vagrant Story was primarily developed by the team responsible for Final Fantasy Tactics, with Yasumi Matsuno serving as producer, writer and director. The Blades' leader, Romeo Guildenstern gathers a meeting between himself, Father Grissom, and his lover Lady Samantha. Ashley wanders in, but is caught by surprise by Rosencrantz, who knocks him to the floor. He also said that if he did create a sequel, it would NOT bear the "Vagrant Story" name. The only way in is the old Wine Cellar. Though this last battle is hard-fought, Ashley prevails and slays Guildenstern. Packaged with it is a small booklet featuring interviews with the composer and character artworks. To avoid this, Mullenkamp must create a successor to its powers. [13] The city suffered a catastrophe when the population was killed in an earthquake. The contents include staff interviews, a detailed background story, and information on monsters and items. Rosencrantz goes on to tell Riot that he is the person most ignorant of the situation in Leá Monde, claiming that every major power in Valendia knows of and covets the Dark, the evil power that permeates Leá Monde. At the time, Yasumi Matsuno was even stressing that he made Vagrant Story because he wanted to move away (at least temporarily) from the Final Fantasy Tactics universe. Bardorba also sends out a man of his employ dressed in red armor to Leá Monde to defeat all the forces that are gathering there. Before blood is spilled, Samantha falls over, once again possessed by Ashley. Together they both worked for the VKP, killing people on Parliament's orders. [27][28][29] Sydney left them to stop the others from advancing; taunting Guildenstern and Samantha, and provoking Ashley to follow him as he intends to bestow his powers upon Ashley. They tell him to believe that which is in his heart, which is the truth. The battle system involves the player chaining different attacks known as Chain Abilities to achieve large combos and deal damage to the enemy. The player will run into a variety of block puzzles that require solving to continue the story. [39] The duke then proceeds to kill Sydney, and he himself died soon after of unknown causes. Furious at Rosencrantz for withholding information, Guildenstern draws his blade at Rosencrantz. Chain and Defensive Abilities increase Risk faster than regular attacks, while Break Arts do not increase Risk at all. What a weapon or piece of armor gains in one area it will lose in another, though typically using a weapon will add more to its overall affinities than the weapon will lose, and item combination is usually favorable to the player. Once again leaving his companion behind, Ashley moves into Leá Monde alone. While he is looking away, a still-living Sydney knocks Ashley to the ground. Developers [45][46] Vagrant Story was released with two discs; the first disc is the game itself, while the second disc is a demo disc released by Square to give the player a preview of seven titles. Not only should people be talking about the game more, but they should also get behind a remake. [53] 100,000 units were sold in the first 20 days of the game's release,[3] despite being overshadowed by other Square titles like Final Fantasy IX and Chrono Cross. Square Co., Ltd./ Square Electronic Arts/ Infogrames Summoning a wyvern, the Müllenkamp members escape while the Riot fights the beast. [34] Sydney refuses to listen and kills Rosencrantz by using a possessed statue, leaving Ashley to once again prove himself as his chosen successor. Both discs were included in the North American release on May 15, 2000. [23] Rosencrantz tells him of the VKP and the Parliaments' knowledge of the dark powers of Leá Monde, and that the hidden powers deep within a person can be unleashed with the help of the Dark. In May 2020, Matsuno shared a draft prologue created for a. Before Ashley departs, Sydney tries to say something, to which Ashley simply replies "I know". [41], The original score for Vagrant Story was composed, arranged, and produced by Hitoshi Sakimoto, whose previous video game works included the soundtracks to Radiant Silvergun and Final Fantasy Tactics, with additional arrangement by Takeharu Ishimoto for Track 2–30 and Hirosato Noda for Track 2–31. Guildenstern, fully-powered thanks to the Dark flowing through his body, moves to defeat the Riskbreaker to show off his new strength. Enemy attacks and spells deal more damage if the player has high Risk. The seven titles include three interactive demos and four non-interactive demos; the former being Chocobo Racing, Front Mission 3 and Threads of Fate, and the latter Chrono Cross, SaGa Frontier 2, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and Legend of Mana. Vagrant Story was primarily developed by the team responsible for Final Fantasy Tactics, with Yasumi Matsuno serving as producer, writer and director. The plot of Vagrant Story, titled "The Phantom Pain", is presented as the prelude to the "story of the wanderer". Using more dark powers, Sydney shows Ashley a vision of his late wife and son, Tia and Marco, killed by bandits while they were on a picnic on an idyllic hill.

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